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Every IT company has a wide range of policies and regulations, which helps them with the management of the workforce. But most of the time, such policies just become a few words on a piece of paper in the form of documents.

There are many reasons for a company to follow these regulations, implementing which they can boost productivity and increase workplace employee engagement.

According to the latest survey, we found that almost 50% of employees do vaguely care about their duties regarding the Internet usage policy of their firm. In the same survey with more than 2.2 millions of employees, it is also concluded that managers are also hazy about what should be expected from employees.

In an organization, it’s a responsibility of the management to not forcibly impose anything on employees. And make sure to be transparent and justifiable with your regulations.

In this article, we are going to study about the importance of Internet usage policy. By executing such rules in your organization, you can restrict the access usage of the Internet, which is costing you extra time, effort, and money.

Why Do You Need The Internet Usage Policy In Your Organisation?

Being an employer, you should understand that the policy of your company does restrict some actions of employees, and it can’t be sugar-coated. There is no need for you to hide the fact that you are concerned about insider frauds and work time theft in your organization. And eventually, your employees will also understand these things.

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Especially when we talk about Internet usage in the workplace premises, employers have every authority to check the internet activities of their employees on workplace devices. With such a policy, employees can also understand their limitations and responsibilities towards the organization so that they can work more diligently for the sake of business growth.

Here we are showing you some of the reasons why you need Internet Usage Policy in your organization.

To Find Cyberslackers:

It is often seen that there are some cyberslackers in the organization who use the company’s resources like computers and the internet for personal usage during working hours. Obviously, they are stealing the business hours for their own interest. However, if you have a strong Internet usage policy in your firm, you can ensure that your employees are not slacking off during business hours.

To Enhance Insider Cybersecurity:

Of all the threats in the cyberworld, today, most of the companies pay special care to avoid insider threats. According to survey stats, we found 90% of the organizations feel at least “slightly vulnerable” against insider threats. Research shows the data breach can cause an average of $8.76 million in terms of damage per year. By having a good Internet usage policy, you can keep track of insider threats and enhance cybersecurity in your workplace.

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To Reduce Bandwidth hogging:

Do you find your staff streaming videos using workplace WiFi? Even if they are doing so in their break time, their actions might be actually hogging the Internet bandwidth, and it can also interrupt the other online business activities.

To deal with this issue, you can implement the Internet usage monitoring policy in your workplace. In fact, studies have shown that when employees know that their internet usage is getting monitored, they try to avoid using the Internet for non-work-related stuff. That way, you can not only increase the speed of production rate but also reduce the chances of malware entry in your network.

To Manage Workforce:

Nowadays, you can make use of some of the best employee monitoring software to manage your workforce. Indeed, in the present scenario, to prevent the spread of COVID 19, companies are allowing their employees to work remotely. And to manage a remote workforce, what you need is an online monitoring system, which can remotely track the computer activities (work) of employees.

To Prevent Misbehavior:

By adopting Internet usage monitoring policy, you can ensure the work environment safety by monitoring the internal communication to prevent misbehavior and cyberbullying. Management can use behavior protocol in the workplace to govern acceptable usage of the Internet so that nobody in your organization gets offended.

How To Create An Effective Internet Usage Policy In Your Organization?

There you might already have some fundamental rules and regulations in your organization. In case you need to make sure that your staff is clear about the conduct that is banned while using the property of the organization. For creating an effective Internet usage policy, you should keep these things in mind and make sure to mention the forbidden actions like data theft, misuse of IT property, cyberbullying, revealing secret business information, and so on.

In fact, you can also ban the usage of social media and other non-work-related sites, which could be the means of sharing certain information about the company. And make sure to forbid video streaming using the official Internet that can hog the bandwidth and reduce the network speed in your workspace.

Here we have mentioned some of the things which you should include in the Internet usage policy of your company.

The Policy Should Reflect Values & Purpose:

Teamwork is essential for the success of every business. Hence it becomes important for you and your workforce to value the culture of teamwork. In the team, employees should help each other instead of accusing and rebuking others for their mistakes.

And this will help you to create a happy environment in your workplace, and it would also make your employees happy and engaged in their work.

While restricting several internet activities of employees, make sure that you are giving enough value to your workforce.

For example, if someone is contacting their family for an important matter, the company shouldn’t restrict them to get in touch with their family members.

The Policy Should be Flexible:

Have you been thinking of bounding your employees with strict rules for Internet usage? There is no need for that. In fact, too much of unnecessary restriction will only create an unhealthy work environment.

It seems unreasonable to expect your employees to use the internet for work purposes only. There can be situations when they might need to use the internet for their personal usage also. It’s better to be a bit flexible with the policy while you can also draw the bottom line, so no-one takes extra advantage of the flexibility.

The Policy Should Create Freedom:

Although Internet usage policy is to restrain the activities of employees. Still, you can allow flexibility to build trust with your employees. Especially when your employees are working diligently and using the internet to improve their skills and knowledge. Then you can allow them to access the workplace Internet freely so that they can work more efficiently.

The Policy Should Reflect The Employees:

Every employee is different, and they have their own approach to deal with the task in front of them. For example, some people focus on a single task to complete it, on the other hand, there are also some people who can work on several tasks without getting distracted. There might be some people who can’t be able to sit in a place for a long time, and they can work more efficiently after taking a break in between. So you need to make sure that your Internet usage policy doesn’t interrupt the work schedule of such employees.

Implementation of Internet Usage Policy

Now you have included all the modifications in your policy and are ready to implement it for your company. When people join your firm, they should be explained about these policies. Make sure to give attention to every particular information of your policy apart from other paperwork. Don’t degrade its importance, by just putting in a stack of papers.

Make your employees understand the importance of Internet monitoring and how it can empower them with better productivity. Some companies also go all-out with the whole training session explaining the different policies of their organization.

However, to implement that, you also need to monitor the internet usage and online activities of employees. While you can use EmpMonitor software using which you can track and restrict the unproductive usage of the Internet bandwidth in your firm.

About EmpMonitor:

EmpMonitor is a software that lets you track the online computer activities of your employees. It has amazing features using which you can remotely manage the work productivity in your company.

Here we have shown some of the amazing features of EmpMonitor that can help you to empower your business.

  • It shows you the employees’ web browsing history record, so you can know whether they are using the internet for their work, or using the company’s Wifi to stream videos, or using social media during work hours.
  • EmpMonitor software works in the background, and it doesn’t appear on the program and task manager, so you can say it is invisible to the inside people having malicious intentions to leak or breach important business data of your company.
  • It also lets you check the website and apps that your employees are using in their work. That way, you can also learn about tools and web applications using which you can increase productivity in your business.
  • It also allows you to check what your employees are typing on their computers so that you can learn about internal communication between employees. That way, you can also ensure to prevent workplace harassment or misbehavior and create a healthy work environment in your firm.
  • If your employees are hardworking and capable enough to take responsibilities, then you can promote them to the manager or team leader position with some freedom to analyze and check the work of their other team members.
  • EmpMonitor also shows you the time when your employees are working online, or when they are being idle during production hours. With its online monitoring features, you can remotely monitor the productivity of employees from anywhere around the world.

These are some of the best features of EmpMonitor software, which can help you to track the online computer activities of your employees so you can implement effective Internet Usage Policy in your organization.

Wrapping Words:

In the end, I would say that you need to have some policy in your firm, which can help you to restrict the unnecessary usage of Internet bandwidth in your workplace. While it is also a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to the growth of business and employees both. So, be proactive from the front and lead your business to achieve success.

However, remember that you must tell your employees about what are your expectations from them. Make them know that your policy is not only for the growth of the business, but it also favors the growth of employees.

So, are you ready to implement Internet usage policy in your company?

If yes, then what’s your preparation? In case, you have any queries, you can share them with us in the comments given below. We would be happy to help you out.

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Efficient Internet Usage Policy To Set Employees Up For Success - Empmonitor Blog (2024)


What is the sample internet policy for employees? ›

Our employees mustn't use our network to: Download or upload obscene, offensive or illegal material. Send confidential information to unauthorized recipients. Invade another person's privacy and sensitive information.

What is the acceptable use policy for internet usage? ›

An acceptable use policy (AUP) is a document stipulating constraints and practices that a user must agree to for access to a corporate network, the internet or other resources. Many businesses and educational institutions require employees or students to sign an AUP before being granted a network ID.

What is the best way to track employee internet usage? ›

Employee internet monitoring software WorkTime is a great tool to monitor internet usage. WorkTime provides insight into employees' internet activities and how often they use social media during working hours. Tracking internet usage highlights the productive/unproductive internet-related computer activities.

Is it ethical to monitor employee internet usage? ›

It is legal to track and examine your employees' internet usage for Web and email infractions however, the ethics of this practice may be in the 'eye of the beholder. ' If you decide that it is necessary to monitor Internet usage, make sure it is with the full knowledge of your employees.

What is an acceptable use policy for employees? ›

An acceptable use policy (AUP) is a document that outlines the rules and restrictions employees must follow in regard to the company's network, software, internet connection and devices.

How companies monitor employee internet usage? ›

Internet surveillance and desktop surveillance are the two basic types of employer monitoring. Internet surveillance is the active monitoring of a user's online activity. A network analyzer, commonly referred to as a packet sniffer, is an example of Internet surveillance.

What is an example of a company acceptable use policy? ›

Personnel should not download, install, or run security programs or utilities that reveal or exploit weakness in the security of a system. For example, (Company) personnel should not run password cracking programs, packet sniffers, port scanners, or any other non-approved programs on any (Company) Information Resource.

What is an example of IT acceptable use policy? ›

For example, {COMPANY-NAME} users must not run spyware, adware, password cracking programs, packet sniffers, port scanners, or any other non- approved programs on {COMPANY-NAME} information systems. The {COMPANY-NAME} IT Department is the only department authorized to perform these actions.

What is included in an internet policy? ›

An internet usage policy should include the following: A notification that all aspects of employee use of company-owned equipment can be monitored at any time and without notice. A statement of the reasons for the policy. A description of what constitutes improper use of employer-owned equipment.

How do you track an employee system? ›

Overviews of the 10 Best Employee Monitoring Software
  1. Insightful. Time-tracking software for monitoring the time employees spend productively on their workstations. ...
  2. Connecteam. Employee monitoring software with online forms and checklists app for a deskless workforce. ...
  3. Veriato. ...
  4. Clockify. ...
  5. ActivTrak. ...
  6. Hubstaff. ...
  7. Kickidler. ...
  8. Teramind.
May 25, 2023

How do I monitor employee browsing history? ›

Employee Monitoring Software with Browsing History
  1. ActivTrak. 4.6. (544) Work Wiser by Activating Intelligent Insights. ...
  2. Teramind. 4.7. (86) ...
  3. Ekran System. 4.7. (22) ...
  4. BrowseReporter. 4.7. (116) ...
  5. Optimus Hive. 5.0. (3) ...
  6. Time Doctor. Highly viewed. 4.6. ...
  7. Insightful. 4.7. (90) ...
  8. Kickidler. 4.7. (104)

What are the ethical considerations to employee monitoring? ›

Always let your employees know what data is and isn't collected, how it will be used, and who will have access to it. Ideally, your workforce analytics solution will offer ways to share data with individuals so they can see their own work patterns and experiment with different ways of managing their time.

What is a primary reason companies monitor employee time on the Internet? ›

Similarly, monitoring employees' internet usage can help prevent distractions and ensure that they are not wasting time on non-work-related websites. Another reason employers may monitor workers is to ensure compliance with company policies and regulations.

What are some of the ethical issues that arise due to Internet usage? ›

Some ethical concerns were specific to engaging minors online, including parental consent, age verification and children's vulnerability. Other concerns applied when engaging any research participant online, including privacy and confidentiality, informed consent and disparities in internet access.

What is the Internet and email policy in the workplace? ›

What's in an internet and email usage policy. An internet and email usage policy in the workplace usually states that your employees shouldn't expect anything they create on their business computers to be private, and that such data belongs to the company.

What is an Internet access policy? ›

An internet policy sets expectations and establishes boundaries that maximize productivity while minimizing risks. Internet access rules. Using the internet. Web browsing. Downloads.

What is employee information technology policy? ›

The IT policy of a company defines the rules, regulations, and guidelines for the proper usage, security, and maintenance of the company's technological assets including the computers, mobile devices, servers, internet, applications, etc.


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